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Mt. Kilimanjaro - 19,340 ft. (5,895m)

January 27 - February 16, 2013

Where Lucille has been for the past 24 hours.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Summit Success !!!!!!!! The dream is now a memory.

Tim Rippel's Facebook page reports that Lucille successfully summited at 06:00. We will update more when we hear more.


11:30 Nepal Time - Lucille is now below the balcony out of the wind and is very tired. Just a bit more to go then she can crawl inside her tent, get hydrated and some much needed rest.


DeanneC said...

Thank you Ted for the update, was starting to really get uncomfortable as we haven't seen anything with SPOT. I sort of thought maybe it was battery issues as well, or that she is just focusing on climbing and not concerned with pushing her button! I am praying for them all to get back and make the call. Thanks again....Dea

Greg said...

Thanks for the update Ted, patiently refreshing the page every two seconds ;)

pepper said...

According to Tim on his facebook page " Summit success!!! We have confirmation Lucille deBeaudrap summited at 06:00hrs with her Personal Sherpa Tshering. Web blog to be updated shortly."

Renee said...


Oh my God!!!!! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!

Bruce said...

Fantastic news!

Barb A said...

Oh my God I knew you would do it.Please keep her safe on the way down!!! Barb

Justin M said...

Wow, absolutely fantastic, what a lifelong accomplishment. We can't wait to see you home safe and sound!!!
We have been watching your SPOT faithfully since this morning. Amazing....

The Mazzolini's

Barb A said...

Oh my God I knew you would do it.Please keep her safe on the way down!!! Barb

Anonymous said...

OMG, way to go girl!!

Tina og Ole Andreas Haddeland said...


None of us at the Cochrane Hill have completed anything today.
We´ve been stuck in front of the computer, following the Spot!

Great News!!

-Tina, Ole Andreas and Vincene

jane Styles said...

Thank GOD !!! I have been sitting here watching, waiting, refreshiching and now in tears of delight.

Paula said...

Lucille, we are cheering for you here!! We are so happy for you, and are now sending wishes for safe travels down the mountain.
Paula, Rob Emma and Alex

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Lucille!!! So proud of you. We have watched you every step of the way. I am so happy for you, this is so exciting!!!!
Tamara P

Roy said...

Good job Lucille - everyone is breathing a sigh of relief here at work!

Anonymous said...


Greg said...

Congrats Lucille!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Lucille !!!!! Cannot wait to see you and all of the wonderful pictures. Guess you will be leading the ice climbing in the Ghost next Winter. Cheers and all the best, Jan XOXO

martin polach said...


There is just no stopping that Little Energizer Bunny!

I am so thrilled for you Lucille!!!!!!

God Bless


Angela Mazzolini said...

You are Awesome......Seriously do you know how many times I have hit refresh today especially the last couple of hours....Congrats, we are so proud and inspired by you Lucille. Can't wait to hear your stories and see your pictures.
Love Ang, Justin ,Austin and Keely

Anonymous said...


We always knew you would do this, Lucille. We are so proud of you.

I also know you well enough to know that you are already planning your next quest, aren't you?!

love from your "Big Brother-In-Law", Louis

Jackie & Bernie said...

Phew! We were getting a little nervous...thanks for the update Ted! YAHOOOOO Lucille...we are so proud of you!! Stay safe coming down. Love and hugs

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Lucille. Way to go, good luck on the way down and God speed.

Francis deBeaudrap

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy and proud of you for making this dream a reality.
I was so releaved to see the update on the web.


Don & Diane said...

Namaste Lucille!

Nous sommes tres heureux pour vous et votre grand succes! FELICITATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As we anxiously awaited word of your whereabouts, technology may have let us down but you did not.

Your name means Light. May you shine brighter than ever before. What an inspiration you have been to so many. Long may that continue!

Come home with care.

Love Don & Diane

Love Don & Diane

wobter said...

Fantastic accomplishment!!!!
I have been keeping tabs on your progress - truly inspiring.
Be safe and warm and see you
at the RAH.


Miles and the RT's

Anonymous said...

This is amazing Lucille... Our family and the staff at school at well as my class have been watching with anticipation all day....

Wishing you the best on your descent! You must be "on top of the world"!
Truly outstanding!



pepper said...

Just another tidbit...Lucille and Dom summitted together. It is nice that they could be there for each other and share that special moment.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo and congrats Lucille!!

We have been watching and following all day (thanks for the update Ted) I was wearing out my refresh button. I am so excited and happy for you! Can't wait to see pics and hear the tales!
Tracey, Barry and family

Anonymous said...

Cngratulations Lucille! You did it! I knew you would. I have been anxiously waiting all day to hear of your summit. I pray for your safe journey down. Love, Hugs and Blessings. Shawna

Anonymous said...


You ROCK sista!! Watching your spot all day! You've got to be ready for a hotel and pub by now!! Can't wait to buy you a beer when your home. Safe trip down girl! Big hug...
P.S. - Thanks for all your updates Ted...you must be very proud of your girl!


Anonymous said...

Wow Lucille I'm so proud of you!! It's awesome that you and Dom could be up at the summit at the same time. I look forward to your stories, I've been following the trek everyday. Be safe on the way down!

Natalie G said...

Fantastic Lucille! I still have goosebumps from reading the post! Safe return home. Hugs. Natalie

Ali (Dottor) Smith said...

Unbelieveable Lucille!!! You have done something most of us would never even consider. Make it down safe and see you and Dom back at the RAH.

Al & Arlene said...

Wow!!! You did it! Congratulations!You must be very proud. What an achievement! We can't wait to hear the stories...stay safe on the way down. You rock, girl!

Thanks Ted for keeping us in the loop.
Al & Arlene

Anonymous said...

What strength and determination. What a relief to get the message from your mother with the news that you had made the summit.

We are praying for a safe return!!!
Jocelyne, Andy, Mike and Chris

Brighid said...

thankyou Ted for the news! :-) :-) :-) I'm so proud of them. Can 't wait to hear they're back down safe and hear the stories.

Anonymous said...

Lucille I could hardly concentrate for my exam todAY and have been glued to the computer as much as possible. WAY TO GO !! now come back down carefully so we can all hug you whenever we see you. Love Annette

Marie Beaupre said...

Lucille, I read and find your friends faithful. you had over 1,000 clicks to-day for your blog.
Also recongnized several de Beaudrap. Anyone of them can run for politics, the name is already known.
I am so overwelmed by your success, I am lost for words.
I did phone Salmon Arm and White Rock, BC (not base camp) and Aunt B cannot believe what you can do.
At 10:00 I went to thank the Lord in an hour adoration.
The security downstairs said, you seem proud of your daughter, "you bet I am"
I hope you have a good-night sleep sometime for it's only noon at at Nepal.
More than the very best,


wobter said...

Just have to add, what a brilliant strategy - beat the crowds, beat the weather and take in a May sunrise from the very top of the world.



Bruce Hanson said...

Well done, Lucille. It's been real exciting for us here, somewhat like listening to the moon landing on the radio. Congratulations on entering one of the most exclusive fraternities around.

Miriam said...

Simply amazing - that's all I can say. My eyes well up with tears every time I think of you summiting. We knew you could do it!!! Big hugs - enjoy your much needed rest. You are much loved Lucille!!!

Anonymous said...

Lucille we are so proud of you and Dom. You are an inspiration to all of us. Hoping the summit brought that excitement that children feel during success, and as adults we often forget. Amber and Kristjanna are cheering for your safe return! I was not born when we walked on the moon....bless you for making a never forgettable moment for so many.
Love and safe return- the JHAK Gogan

Claudia K said...

Lucille, Lucille, Lucille. . .how appropriate I was in church at my niece's graduation when you were at the summit-said a prayer and kept my phone on vibrate to keep updated! You know whose name came up during the program?? Father Troy and I smiled and thought of you. Safe journey down the mountain . .now I need a kleenex! Way to go girl!!!

Dannie said...

Awesome, Lucille!!! Congratulations! This is cooler than cool!

Anonymous said...

Lucille, Rick and I have been following you every step of the way. Yesterday my whole office and part of Rick's was following your progress, and we were so happy when Ted posted your summit news!
Congrats for pursuing your dream, and achieving it!
Now it's time to focus on coming home safely, with the glow of a goal achieved in your heart!

Love you
Rick and Linda

Raylene said...

Anxiously waiting for the details . . .we lost the SPOT but you were so close by then! Like the rest, we were GLUED to the computer all day and evening!!!! Very Proud of you!

Peter said...

Fantastic Lucille - Congratulations on making it all happen!!! And for telling a great story while you doing it.

Peter C

Patty32 said...

Way to go Lucille! We watched your progess on our Active board all day and wanted school to keep going at 3:30! Watched at our homes and were so relieved and excited to hear "You did it!" You are an inspiration beyond words!Our own Summit push is Tuesday with a big assessment!
You've helped show us "We can do it too!" Be safe going down! We await your words!
Grade 3 & Patty in Trochu

cindyt said...

CONGRATS Lucille (& Domnhall too)!!! We KNEW you could do it.... THANK Heaven for Ted providing updates as I too wore out my refresh button..... How incredible, amazing, inspiring - you must be on top of the world literally & figuratively! Sending TONS of good wishes and praying for a safe journey down. SO incredibly proud of you Lucille!!
Love & Hugs cindy & bob

brenda said...

Oh Lucille - the biggest task on your Buckett list is complete. So very proud of you and Dom and in awe. There sure are alot of people cheering for you back here. Come back to us safe and sound. Congrats my friend!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Lucille, you are amazing and an inspiration to us all!

Anonymous said...

Way to get it done Lucille!!!!You are a machine
Keith, Caroline and Loic

Anonymous said...

Fantastic journey Lucille, your blog has been the highlight of my day since you touched down in Kathmandu 5 weeks ago! I am on cloud 9 just thinking of what you have accomplished, so cant begin to imagine what you must be starting to feel now that you have had a little time to think about what you have really done. Have a safe return and I look forward to seeing pictures and hearing the stories of your adventure.
Dave Mitchell