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Mt. Kilimanjaro - 19,340 ft. (5,895m)

January 27 - February 16, 2013

Where Lucille has been for the past 24 hours.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Tonight we are heading out to the Rum Doodle restaurant. This is where all the mountianeers have gathered for years, and we will sign a yeti footprint that gets placed on the wall. Once we present our summit certificates, their pledge is that they will feed us for free....as many times as we go there. This is a tradition that Domhnall and I will not miss.

Above is our creation, and they placed it on the wall before we left.

Tomorrow evening I will be flying home, and it is with mixed feelings. I am so happy to be going home to see my family and friends.....but I still have ties to basecamp. The rest of the team is just starting their summit push and I know exactly what they are going through. Team one is dealing with the effects of being at camp 3. Difficulty sleeping, lack of appetite, lack of energy to do much. It is cold and probably windy there, and they will be living in their down suits until they come down after the summit. They will have a rest day in camp 3, but the move to camp 4 is long and cold. They will be getting up at 3 or 4 am, in the dark, trying to put on cold stiff boots, try to swallow something before heading out. I remember leaving camp 3, and travelling up one slow step after another slow step for what felt like hours when I looked over to the right and saw the tents to upper camp 3. I was so discouraged, and when I told this to Domhnall his response was "just look up, the yellow band is right there", and it was very close by, but I really needed a bit of encouragment at that time. Then it's just a few more hours (5 or so!!!) until the bottom of the Geneva spur, then up over the top, and just below is camp 4. Not too far, but when you count out 3-4 breaths for every step, it takes a while. So I am wishing them all luck, as I sit here comfortable and warm in Kathmandu......I know you all have it in you. Just keep taking the next step, and the next one and soon you will arrive at your destination.


Claudia K said...

Yeah!! You're coming home. Reading this now gives me a bit more of an idea of what was going through your mind a little over a week ago Lucille . . so many questions for you. Great words of encouragement for the rest of your team. If they have half the determinatation that you do, they will also be celebrating at Rum Doodle as you and Domhnall are! Enjoy and safe trip home . . I know I will have tears of joy once I can give you a hug!!

Brighid said...

The photos are amazing :) I had to go to a nerve-wracking grant interview with 2 senior professor colleagues yesterday, but when i insisted on showing them those photos it put our day in perspective! And i remember being in the Rum Doodle, way back when i was 18, looking at those feet. I never guessed one day my brother's name would be there too. Way to go both of you! Bx

Jackie D said...

Awww Lucille. It's so awesome that you're coming home. It will be so great to see you and hug you and hear about all the stories you will have to tell us. I can't wait to see your pictures! I will be on holidays when you get back but save me a hug and I'll see you in June!
Hugs and love