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January 27 - February 16, 2013

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mt. Everest 2010 #35 - Camp 2 - Bergschrund

Gabcast! Mt. Everest 2010 #35

Namaste everybody, from Camp 2. Everything is going well, today is April 27th.

So, what we did today was we rested this morning, we waited until the sun hit the tents before we got up. It came at about 8:20 - 8:25, which is kind of a nice time to be getting up. After lunch, what we did was we walked up to the bergschrund. So, that's kind of the tallest crevasse, the crevasse that's kind of at the highest point on the mountain. So, that's where we walked to, which is the base of the Lhotse face. And so tomorrow, our plan is to get up early, and go all the way up to Camp 3.

So, what I saw today was the Geneva spur, the yellow band, it was right there, we were so close, I know it's still about 600 - 700 meters below us (editor: above us)
????. It feels good to be here, so it's all great.

It's going to get cold tonight, I'm in my down suit, inside my -40 bag, and just starting to warm up. It's a little bit cool with all the wind. But all is good, I was a little bit nauseated this afternoon, but I fought that, and so I'm drinking well, and yes I am hydrating, eating well, so that's really good. I tried to send a spot message a couple of days ago, but it just wasn't working. We are too close to the mountain here on Camp 2. But I will turn it on tomorrow, and we'll see how much it tracks all the way up to Camp 3, hopefully it does.

Love to you all, and take care, I will talk to you tomorrow. Bye.


Spillerjzy said...

Hi Lucille - I'm a friend of Brighid's (Dohmnall's sister) and I am completely hooked on your blog and inspired by your courage. I trekked to the Base Camp last year and could only look up in awe at the mountains above. I truly admire you and wish you all the very, very best over the next days and weeks, keep healthy and safe and can't wait to see you all get to the summit!

JStyles said...

Hey girl,

Ted was in yesterday and arrived on his bike. He's looking great and there was a swarm of us around him at the front desk. I think he was happy to come by and I know we were thrilled to see him and ask a million questions.
Dr. P is also in town and we gave him your card so he too can tune in to your blog. We told Ted that we are hooked on the best reality programming EVER! :-) Stay warm my friend....Janie

DeanneC said...

Yes Lucille...I too am hooked on the blogspot. waiting every day for the new gabcast, and then I check out Peakfreaks to see what else Tim has to say. You are doing so well, can't wait for the next bit of info, just to know you are safe, and doing so great. Dea

Marie Beaupre said...

Hi Lucille:

Saw Father Archibald to-day and he asked about you, I WAS REALLY SURPRISED. He has agreed to say a mass for you on the 30th, 9:00 am (our time) so it's 9:00 pm on the 29th for you.

Yes, so many people here ask about you, that I am considering having a big placard in my back; giving some news and when someone ask, I will simply have to turn my back to them.

I been wanting to tell you that Jacqueline Beland and Paul Bennett
have two nice boys, Nicolas et Dominic. Dominic for sure participated in the arctic games in March. Now the arctic games include Finland, Sweden and Norway (remember Lillehammer Olympic host in 1994) and many others. Anyways Dominic won several medals in speed skating, so maybe like you he had to sacrifice many parties, etc, in order to train himself for the games. Jacqueline and family live in Yellowknife where her and Paul teach. Maybe you and Dominic will meet to talk about training sometimes.

Just come from the chapel and prayed for you. Keep warm and have fun.



Anonymous said...

Hi Lucille,

Happy Birthday! I have been keeping up with your climb to the top of Everest. What an adventure you must be having. I admire your stamina and determination and I look forward to hearing more on your summit bid. With all the challenges that you have put before yourself, you will certainly gain a different perspective on things. Wishing you all the best. The experiences you have along the way are the key. Keep on smiling and keep warm. You can do it. Love, Sis Shawna