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Mt. Kilimanjaro - 19,340 ft. (5,895m)

January 27 - February 16, 2013

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Gorak Shep

Hi everyone from Gorak Shep. Today is another rest day, so I decided to come down and try to upload some pictures but that isn't possible. I can't open g-mail, but can manage to get into my blog, which is something.

I ran into Dawa on my way here and he said that he just finished climbing Lobuche with two people from Edmonton....Scott and Amy! They are staying the night here in Gorak Shep and will come visit basecamp tomorrow. Dawa said that they did really well on their climb, and that they are strong.

Domhnall is currently at Camp 2, and I think is planning on spending the night, and coming down tomorrow morning early.

The Peak Freaks plan is to rest for one more day, then head up to Camp 1 then 2 then if we are feeling good, we will spend the night at Camp 3. The plan is to stay up on the mountain for 6 days or so, then come down for 6-7 days of rest, then we will begin our summit push. It may seem fast, and early, but the temperatures this year are much warmer than usual allowing for an early summit bid. Anything can happen between now and early May, so keep watching for details.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lucille, what amazing experience! Good luck and enjoy the journey. Say hello to Domnhall for me when you see him. Thanks for the blog, Jen (from camping in Golden) :)

Al & Arlene said...

You are an amazing athlete!!! We can hear your voice when we read your blog...we're so glad you're still strong and healthy. You are doing great! Looking forward to the pictures and seeing you back home.


Sounds like things are going well for you Loose wheel. We are in Namche now for 2 more days. Trying to do the math but sounds like we may actually hit things right to see you at Base Camp. Bumped into Mango's wife today wandering around. She is teaching in Khunde and we may see her at the school tomorrow..
Keep up the good work.