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January 27 - February 16, 2013

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mt. Everest 2010 #30 - What do we eat?

Gabcast! Mt. Everest 2010 #30

Namaste everybody, from Base Camp.

Today was a rest day for me, so, I just kind of lazed around and didn't do a whole lot. Domhnall, on the other hand, went last night up to Camp 2, and came all the way down before 8:00 for a Puja ceremony for one of his teammates, which means that he left probably left around 6:00 and he raced down in about 2 hours. That was very fast. Went to the Puja ceremony for one of his teammates, and I went and met up with him there at about 10:30 and it was still going on. They were throwing around a fair bit of Sampa, Sampa is barley flour, and they make a breakfast cereal with it. The other thing that they do during the Puja ceremony is that they put it in people's hair and rub it all over their faces, and what that signifies is that they hope to be seeing us when our hair is grey, and when we are old. So it's kind of a nice little thing to do.

Now somebody was asking about where do we get food, the grade six Logos class was asking where do we get food? And ??? from Falher asked me where do we sleep, and what do you eat?

So, we actually eat quite well here down at Base Camp, somebody does cooking for us which is very nice. Lunch and supper always start with a soup, and then we usually have potatoes, rice, sometimes some meat, not always, sometimes there are some lentils, but we have had roasted chicken, and we've had some beef. And then, at supper time, there is always dessert which is always something to look forward to. Usually it's some fruit, but we have had cakes, and apple pie, so that's always a nice treat. So that's what we eat, alot of the food came from Kathmandu, packaged crackers and that sort of thing, the powedered juices, all that came from Kathmandu. And the more fresh food, and vegetables, came from down the valley, so usually about a 2 days walk from here and it came up on Yaks. So, that's what we eat, when we are going to be up on the mountain, we eat mountain food, which is more like the freeze dried food that we bring from home, where all you have to do is add hot water, and mix, and eat. Sometimes we'll have some crackers, I brought some beef jerky with me, so that will be kind of my special treat for when I am up on the mountain.

The plan is for a few more rest days down here, I might go into the icefall tomorrow and take some pictures, so we'll see how that goes, if the weather is good. So rest day until probably the 25th, and then head up for one more acclimatization, we'll see how the weather goes, and how everybody is feeling, and then we'll come down after that. So we're not quite sure how many days we'll spend up on the mountain, but I'll be sure to keep you guys informed about what's going on.

So, that's it for today, it's April 21st, and I'm just heading in to having some supper, so going to have some soup, and some rice and potatoes.

So, Everyone take care, love to you all, and we'll talk to you tomorrow. Bye.

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Brighid said...

Thankyou for the call! It was brilliant to talk to D. Everyone sends their love back. You're also making me hungry with the great sounding food :) Keep up the fab work! Bx