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January 27 - February 16, 2013

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mt. Everest 2010 #26

Gabcast! Mt. Everest 2010 #26

Namaste everybody, from Camp 1. Today is April 17th. (Editor: 18th)

We got up at 3:30 this morning, it was still pretty cold outside, breakfast was ready for us a little bit after 4:00 and we hit the icefall at about 5:00. The sun kind of came up and it got pretty hot at about 10:00. It goes from the deep freeze, to the sun coming up and you're kind of comfortable for about 30 minutes, and then you are so hot. At 10:00 I was just sweltering, it took me until 12:00 to get here, so 6 1/2 almost 7 hours. I was going really really slow, I was quite dehydrated, and it's been a really tough day for me.

But we're up here now, and when we got up it was still quite hot and sunny, and we're melting some water and then a couple hours ago it started snowing, so we've got quite a bit of fresh snow up there and things have cooled off which is good, because I have a minus 40 sleeping bag, so I should be quite comfortable with that.

Tomorrow, the plan is to go to Camp 2, just walk up there, spend an hour or two, and then walk back. Spend the night again here, and then on Tuesday morning, we'll head down and back to Base Camp, and hopefully a shower for most of us.

Everybody is doing well, there are a couple of team members that just didn't feel like making the trek with us today, but they still have lots of time to acclimatize.

Everything is going well, hope everyone is doing well in Canada, and everywhere else that's listening. Love to you all, and thanks again for listening. Bye.

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Alexis said...

Hi Lucille,
Was at a party for Mike Betzner last nite and everybody is routing for you! The message from STARS Calgary is Way to Go! Be safe.