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Mt. Kilimanjaro - 19,340 ft. (5,895m)

January 27 - February 16, 2013

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

May 19 - Kathmandu

I am now back in Kathmandu with some new friends, the group of 8 Italians that have been sharing base camp with us. Houssein should already be here as he was helicoptered out with another teammate from Sama Goan as they had frost bite on their feet.
We just enjoyed a supper of pizza and beer and spent the evening wondering how Domhnall is doing. I haven't heard anything and am waiting to hear how his summit attempt went.
We are all wishing him well and we can't wait to hear how things are going.
An attempt without oxygen of an 8000+ meter peak is so much more difficult as is it so much more difficult to stay warm.
On Manaslu during the summit Domhnall was having difficulty keeping his feet warm, and I was having difficulty keeping my hands and core warm. This is because we were stopped for 60 minutes while the Sherpas fixed a small piece with fixed lines. 60 minutes was a long time to wait in the predawn cold and contributed to the reason that I turned around.....I couldn't warm up and was afraid that I would sit down and not get back up. The biggest danger on an 8000+meter peak.
I will post summit pictures of Domhnall in the morning.....watch for them! Until then thanks to everyone for watching and thanks for all your positive energy!

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Congrats Loose Wheel on you snowy climb. It sure is a long way to trek out, no doubt some very amazing views. Hope you took lots of pictures, can hardly wait to see them when you are back on this side of the puddle. Likely we will miss seeing you till we are back from the UK. Give the big D a pat on the back for the summit and have him give you a hug from all of us for doing so well. Maybe you will be able to take an old canary along for the next one!!!!!!!!!!???????
Take a picture for me with the two of standing in front of your Big E summit foot with the extra graffiti Jimmah, Steve and I put on it at the Rum Doodle. Have a extra big Everest beer for me.