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January 27 - February 16, 2013

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Shopping for gear

We have a free day in Kathmandu. I thought that I would do the tourist thing, but instead have elected to relax and catch-up on my blogging.

I plan on doing a bit more shopping today, and get the rest of my gear packed and sent off. All the gear gets sent off ahead of us, and gets loaded onto the plane to Lukla when there is room. People always fly before equipment, so if we don't do this, our packs may be several days behind us. I would hate to arrive at base camp and not have a tent and my stuff!

This morning we met with Elizabeth Hawley, the official record keeper of everything mountaineering in Nepal. At 80+, she is not showing her age. Meeting her is always an honor, and she has many stories to tell.

Yesterday we spent the day wandering around Thamel, which is the tourist area of Kathmandu. There are many mountaineering shops here that are filled with everything you can imagine. Boots, clothing and all sorts of equipment at very reasonable prices, but buyer beware, not all is as it seems. Much of the down clothing is actually filled with feathers and not down, and the fabrics are often inferior thus they fall apart after minimal wearing. If you know what to look for great bargains can be had.

Not to worry, my down suit is being made by a reputable company. Although I had sent in my measurements, they insisted on remeasuring me, as they thought the measurements were too small! It also has a great feature, a zipper to drop the 'seat'! Hope I don't have to use this feature, but it should help to keep the rest of me warmer if I do.


CIndy T said...

Hey Lucille! I just got your email and have caught up on your blog. Your tailor was probably very surprised to see such a tiny lady.... I too, want to see you in your down suit..... trap door and all! Journey safely; enjoy each moment; living the dream of a lifetime is a gift very few of us have the courage or commitment to do! Go Lucille!!

lynnb said...

trap door,eh? Gives a whole new meaning to 'You go girl!' Anyway, keep safe and go, girl!