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Mt. Kilimanjaro - 19,340 ft. (5,895m)

January 27 - February 16, 2013

Where Lucille has been for the past 24 hours.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Edmonton Journal Article Today



Lynette said...

Lucille I found your story in the Edmonton Journal this morning to be an inspirational story of pusuing one's dreams. Congratulations on sharing your journey via this blog site!

Like you I am a beleiver in the power of dreams and I am delighted that you invited teachers and students and others to follow your journey.

Reading your story today a thought came to my mind that I would like to ask you. Have you tried to find the teacher who designed this class project some 32 years ago to let that indvidual know the impact that this assignment has had on your life? What an amazing teacher to ask such a deep relective question to a group of 10 year olds.

Lucille all the best on your journey. May you know that I will be here in Edmonton cheering you on and reading via your blog your adventure!


Tony said...

Hi lucille ,, just spotted your blog and as iv e always been interested in climbing Everest ,, ill be following your blogs keenly so best of luck .. Tony .Dartford London

Rick said...


Congratulations on having a goal, the vision and the dicipline to act upon it. With close to 40 countries and counting, Everest has been on my wish list, but at age 56 and not being a mountain climber or outdoorsmen, Base Camp is a realistic goal for me. Best Wishes on a safe journey and successful fund raising. I'll be watching.


Jackie said...

Saw the article in the Journal today. We're so proud of you and we KNOW you can do it! Good luck Lucillio...we love you!!

Jackie & Bernie

Raylene said...

Wow! I loved this article and the photo is awesome! I will defiately be following your blog everyday. Good Luck! We'll look after Ted while you're away -- keep him in line, you know . . .
Ted & Raylene Brooks

Rob - @formerfatguy said...

As with the people above, I too was directed to your article in the Journal today.

While standing at Uhuru point on Kilimanjaro with a group of 20 people who raised money for African charities (Hands Across Africa), 6 of us decided to climb to Everest Base Camp.

After base camp, my compatriots have decided to end their climbing while I'd like to climb Aconcagua

I'll be watching your blog while you make your way to Lukla, up through Namche Bazaar, through base camp to the summit.

when you return, we'll have to sit down back in Edmonton for a chat about climbing and Aconcagua.

my wife and I are currently on a 24,000 km RV trip through the US and Canada and blogging our experiences on the road. It's a lot different than Africa or Khathmandu, but Americans have their own uniqueness too.

Safe travels, and remember, when your eyes leave the trail, stop moving your feet!

SunnyD said...

I read your story with earnest today Lucille. What an inspiration you are - for children and adults everywhere. Next time I have to run hills in muy training, I'll think of you with that pack on your back and running stairs for 4 hours!!
Have an amazing trip. We'll be following your journey with anticipation.

Patricia said...

Dear Lucille,
You picked a fine time to leave us Lucille :) headed towards Everest. Seriously, I'm really pulling for you! So inspired after reading your story in the Calgary Herald.
I've read lots about climbing Mount Everest and admire you for following in George Mallory's foot steps.
Successful summiting, Kelly & Patricia

Veronica said...

Congratulations on the Edmonton Journal article Lucille!

Have an excellent adventure in Nepal, and don't spend any time in Kathmandu without a facemask! The Himalayas were so beautiful - the Everest side of the range is surely spectacular.

Greg and I will be following your blog closely - we're rooting for you, all the way to the top! Best of luck with your journey, and see you in the summer!