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January 27 - February 16, 2013

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Arrived in Kathmandu

We arrived in Kathmandu last night, and after checking into our hotel - the Nirvana Garden hotel we settled in for a bit of sleep.

This morning I will be meeting with Sonam Sherpa at his store to be fitted for the down suit that he is sewing up for me. I would have loved to have had everything done before arriving, but anything that is sold in North America is too big for me. It's amazing to think that it will only take him 3 days to have it made, and mine is not the only one that he will be working on. The elevation of Kathmandu is 1400m (4600 feet) which is quite a bit higher than Edmonton which is at 700m (2100 feet) so these few days spent in Kathmandu waiting for my down suit to be finished is good for acclimatization.

This afternoon we will be meeting up with Scott and Amy, friends from Edmonton who will be starting their trip to Annapurna tomorrow. Their plan is to come to base camp after their Annapurna trek, so we will be seeing them again in mid-April.


Claudia K said...

Hi Lucille - make sure you let us see a picture of your new outfit once complete. You are in my thoughts and prayers every day!
Love Claudia

Anonymous said...

Lucille, I am a fellow Colleague in the OR in Calgary and am following your blog daily with baited breath. Very inspirational. My heart is with you. Kathy

moisanml said...

Hi Lucille, Glad to read you've made it to Kathmandu with all your gear. Just the suit to go and it sounds like you'll be all set. Woohoo - go catch your dream Lucille - this is so exciting. Miriam

Lucille said...

thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who is following my blog and also for the positive and encouraging comments!!

Tracey said...

Hi there girl,
So glad you made it to Kathmandu safe and sound! Love the blog, the kids and I are following it and cheering you on!!!
Tracey K

Don & Diane said...

Enjoy tour trek across Nepal. Each step is one more closer to your goal. The excitement is mounting and we are with you all the way. Happy Trails!

Don & Daine