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Mt. Kilimanjaro - 19,340 ft. (5,895m)

January 27 - February 16, 2013

Where Lucille has been for the past 24 hours.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Camp 5

We had a great day today. After breakfast we got together in groups and I was lucky enough to be in the group that was being serenaded up the hill. Someone brought his small guitar and was playing while he was walking. There is always a lot if singing and chatter. I thought that I would hate being part of a group so large, but it's actually a lot if fun!!!

Today after the steep hill there was a bit of down then up and down again. Four very slow hours with lots of stopping. Still have lots of people who are not feeling well. Marco and Alan, Mike, Bob and myself are all doing well. We often travel together in a group.

We are all getting excited. Two more days before the summit!!!! Yeah! This is a seven day trek to the summit to give everyone the best chance of making it up. Fingers crossed that we all make it.

This morning would have been a perfect day to launch and fly. What we need are light winds in the right direction....blowing up launch. We are hoping for some wind as we will have to run very hard and fast if there isn't any wind....difficult to do at 19,300 feet or 5900meters!!!!! Our landing zone is at 5000 feet or 1300meters and it is a huge field located 29.7 km away. We would have to try really hard to miss it.

The one thing that has us concerned is the cloud layer......we certainly don't want to be running into each other up there. It usually starts building at around 9am and within 30 minutes we are unable to see the landing zone because if the clouds.

My iPhone battery is getting low and my charging system isn't keeping up so I may not be able to get out another message and if not....keep your fingers crossed on Tuesday night at around 9pm!!!! Watch the SPOTS!!!!!

I will give more details about the charities once we land and I get to visit them....but it's not to late to donate if you wish. None of the money is going to the government....it is going directly to the charities....drilling water wells, building two schools and planting trees.

Bye from everyone here, and thanks for following!!!!
Marco, Alan, Bob, Mike and me....Lucille!!!

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Anonymous said...

Jumbo Lucille and friends!

We will be thinking of you! Good luck and wishing everyone a safe, healthy journey!