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Mt. Kilimanjaro - 19,340 ft. (5,895m)

January 27 - February 16, 2013

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 8 - April 19


Namaste Everyone,

I'm calling from Samagaon, which is...it's April 19th, and we got to Samagaon fairly early today. We were hoping to reach here yesterday, but I have a bit of a gastro bug so we got a little bit slowed down.

The trek in here has been beautiful, we've hardly seen any westerners. A lot of the houses and towns and stuff are all pretty small, but a very lush valley and a very narrow valley, that is why the Spot hasn't really been working for the last few days.

But here we are kind of at the base of Manaslu so as I am standing here talking to you guys I can see Manaslu, the sun is just starting to set at six oclock tonight - six thirty, and it's just looking spectacular.

So our gear has not arrived yet, we're hoping that it should arrive tomorrow, which means the day after tomorrow we'll be heading up to base camp, we're just going to have to chill here for another day, but it is quite a pretty place to be chilling.

Everything is good, so that's it for today, I will talk to you guys soon. Bye

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