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January 27 - February 16, 2013

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ha Ling Peak

July 6 - Domhnall picked me up at the airport at 10pm and we headed off to sleep at the Canmore campground.
July 7 - After about 4 hours sleep we woke up and assessed the weather, it looked OK, so we got up and drove to Canmore to the base of Ha Ling Peak.

The scramble up to the base of the climb took us about 2 hours where we took a bit of a rest, changing into our rock shoes and grabbing a bite of food.

Domhnall lead all of the pitches, and I was trying hard to be quick at the climbing, and also at the turn arounds.
Domhnall's feet were hurting, so the only time he was smiling was while he was sitting with the shoes off!
I was having fun managing the rope, and it looked like we had made a good choice as the sun was shining. The rainbow after the second hail storm. The storm blew over the back, which is why we hadn't noticed the sky getting darker. We were pelted by hail, but worse than that was the river of water flowing down the face making climbing difficult.
Eventually the sun came out, warmed us up and dried off the rock. This is me just topping out.

I decided that I needed to carry a bit more weight on the walk to the truck, so I carried Domhnall's pack on my shoulders.

July 8 - We climbed up Lady MacDonald, turning around just a few meters from the top due to my increasing fear, and some bad weather was coming in.

July 9 - We spent the afternoon at the Wasootch Slabs before going to rescue Renee and eventually making it home.

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